Tanjung Piai By-Election: Democracy In Action

1. The six-corner contest in the Tanjung Piai by-election shows how much democracy is very much alive in Malaysia. 

2. What is even more important is that Malaysians feel safe during elections because there are no incidences of violence such as what sometimes happens in other countries. Life goes on and people conduct themselves as usual.

3. It is interesting to note that what is perceived as a non-Malay-based coalition is fielding a Malay candidate, while what is perceived as a Malay alliance is fielding a Chinese candidate. 

4. Whether this is a risk, as some analysts say, is not as important as the fact that race has been taken out of the equation in this by-election.

5. This is very important for Malaysia to achieve a mature level of politics where someone is seen as Malaysian rather than by that person’s race. 

6. We need to break away from the racial profiling of the candidate and it would help tremendously if the media does not dwell on the subject of the racial breakdown of the voters, or the race of the candidates.

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