Politicians Need To Get Their Priorities Right

1. It is now 140 days since Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin was sworn in as Malaysia’s 8th Prime Minister. A new government is normally graded on its first 100 days in office, and it is now longer than that, but still the “chaos” has not ended. As far as the rakyat is concerned, though, Muhyiddin is performing relatively well, which is what matters.

2. Looking at the campaigning that is going on all over the country, even up to last night, the impression we get is that Parliament and the State Assemblies have been dissolved and that GE15 is just around the corner.

3. The truth is no one knows when the next general election is going to be held, as it is the sole prerogative of the Prime Minister to request the consent of DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong for Parliament to be dissolved to make way for a fresh general election.

4. And the same goes for the states where the Chief Minister/Menteri Besar needs to request the consent of the Monarch/Governor to dissolve the State Assemblies. If not, by law, then the State Assemblies, just like Parliament, serve their full five-year term. And in this case, GE15 need not be held until July-August 2023.

5. That is still a long way away, three years to be precise. So why are politicians and political parties on “election mode”, as if GE15 is going to be held next month rather than three years from now? Many are speculating that GE15 may be held before the end of this year. But that is just a guessing game or even wishful thinking.

6. What is crucial is the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and the economic crisis resulting from it. The experts are predicting that the Covid-19 pandemic is going to be worse than the Spanish flu of 100 years ago that went on for two years and killed 50 million people. If that prediction is true then this is extremely bad news for the entire world.

7. The experts also say the economic crisis we are going to face is going to be the worst in the world in 150 years. As it is, Malaysians are already suffering and yet the politicians are more concerned with GE15 than with the lives and livelihood of the rakyat.

8. We need to get our priorities right and focus on what is important. And what is important is currently not the next general election, which has not even been called yet, but the welfare of the rakyat. The people are suffering and the worst is yet to come. Can we not leave politics aside for just a brief moment?

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